Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera (2008) Download

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Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera (2008) Download

Another documentary on user’s demand. But this time its horror documentary unlike previously demanded. This one is a real deal. A very serious kind of a film which is also horror. Directed by Paul von Stoetzel who we knew from his other movies like “Asleep in the Deep (2005), Creep. (2008)“. Featuring stars in this film is “Larry C. Brubaker, Todd Cobery, Linda Flanders“. Highlight film looking at the presence of movies in which individuals are killed on camera and the way of life encompassing them. Through meetings with previous FBI Profilers, Cultural Academics, and Film Historians the narrative dives into the exasperating history and myth of Snuff Films. The FBI claims there is no proof to demonstrate the presence of Snuff and, in this way, Snuff Films are a myth. This narrative breaks down the connections between war, clique movies, serial executioners and erotic entertainment to demonstrate regardless of whether this pervasive myth is, truth be told, reality. This film has 5.5 IMDb user rating.

Genre: Documentary, Horror
Director: Paul von Stoetzel
Stars: Larry C. Brubaker, Todd Cobery, Linda Flanders

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