Savages (2012) Download Free Movie HD

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Savages (2012) Download Free Movie HD
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Savages is a Crime, Drama, Thriller flick released on 6 July 2012 (USA), scored 6.5 imdb rating while grossed $47,307,550 at US box-office. In this film Two top notch weed merchants from the US depend on a questionable against opiate government authority to free their grabbed sweetheart from a heartless Mexican medication cartel. This film is directed by Oliver Stone and features Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively in lead roles while film has run-time of 2h 11min. Savages (2012) Download Free Movie HD

Initial release: 25 June 2012 (Westwood)
Director: Oliver Stone
Box office: 83 million USD
Music director: Adam Peters
Budget: 45 million USD

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