Lights Out (2016) Download Movies Now

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Lights Out (2016) Download Movies Now
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Lights Out is a horror flick released on 22 July 2016 (USA), scored 6.4 IMDB rating while grossed $67,235,683 at US box-office.

The film had its reality debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 8, 2016, and was discharged in the United States and Canada on July 22, 2016, by Warner Bros. The film got positive surveys and was a film industry achievement, netting $148 million against a financial plan of $4.9 million.

In a material distribution center, specialist Esther sees an outline of a zombie-like female figure when she kills the lights, yet observes nothing with the lights on. She cautions proprietor Paul about the phantom, which he overlooks, and takes off. Paul is then pursued and horrifyingly executed by the figure.

This directed by David F. Sandberg and features Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello in lead roles while the film has a run-time of 1h 21min.

Lights Out (2016) Download Movies Now 

Initial release: 21 July 2016 (Denmark)
Director: David Sandberg
Based on: Lights Out; by David F. Sandberg
Box office: 148.9 million USD
Budget: 4.9 million USD

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