Into the Blue (2005) Download Full Free Movie

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Into the Blue (2005) Download Full Free Movie

From the director of “Top Gun (1986)” director John Stockwell is this time up with another movie casting Paul Walker and Jessica Alba as a lead role. It is an action, adventure and crime based movie liked by many at that time. The story is unique and keeps you attached to the film. It is about a happy couple Sam and Jared both are divers by profession and they are happy with their love life. One day when Bryce and Amanda visit, four of them planned a treasure hunting trip. Somehow they discovered something, a downed airplane full of cocaine along side a famous shipwreck which is quite known to everyone. They decided not to tell anyone about this, but Bryce makes a mistake to sell the cocaine around the town this attract the drug dealers and they gone crazy about this, now all the drug dealers are after four of them and they have to protect themselves and the treasure they found in the deep blue. This movie has 5.8 IMDb user rating.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Director: John Stockwell
Writer: Matt Johnson
Stars: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan

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