I, Robot (2004) Download Free

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I, Robot (2004) Download Free

Featuring Will Smith as a leading star, he is one of my favorite star in movies. I personally like his many movies. But this one is like by more then expected users, the film is based on a future tech with Action, Mystery & Sci-Fi genre. In year 2035, when a series of high tech and intelligent robots were created to do the public services around the world operating under three rules to keep humans safe. Humans were so comfortable with their robots. A technophobic cop Del Spooner investigates a case regarding the suicide of U.S. Robotics founder Alfred Lanning, but snooper doubts it as a murder. His investigation leads him to a conclusion that a human like robot is behind the murder. And with the help of robot expert he discovers a conspiracy which could results in human salvation. This movie has a wonderful storyline and the visual effects in movie is awesome as compared to other movies on that time. It has 7.1 IMDb user rating.

Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Director: Alex Proyas
Writers: Jeff Vintar (screenplay), Akiva Goldsman
Stars: Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood

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