Bent (2013) Download Full Movie

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Bent (2013) Download Full Movie

This movie is written and directed by “Amy Jo Johnson” and also she performed a leading role in the movie quite impressive. This is short film stuffed with comedy and drama. Featuring stars like “Amy Jo Johnson, Sonya Salomaa, Michael Cram“. When growing up in a religious discrimination, Jackie and Amelia, now in their late thirties, but both of them once in a year meetup at Amelia’s mother’s grave to reconnect their old memories and talk about life going on. Bent is a short film about life long friendships that thankfully keep us feeling normal. It has 7.9 IMDb user rating.

Genre: Short, Comedy, Drama
Director: Amy Jo Johnson
Writer: Amy Jo Johnson
Stars: Amy Jo Johnson, Sonya Salomaa, Michael Cram

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